General Information

Services Overview

WebLearningTools Research will be offering the following services to clients on request.  Our preferred clients are educators and educational institutions.

  • Instructional Design
  • Online Conferencing and Class Scheduling
  • Online Instruction
  • Sample Course Lesson Plans
  • Sample Course Supplements
  • Summaries of Site Related Research
  • Virtual Classroom Creation
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Hosting

Tutorials Overview

The "Tutorials" offered here are primarly for the use of visiting and registered educators.  Tutorials at present are lecture slides (in commercial Microsoft PowerPoint and/or free open source Open Office Impress file formats) and more formal but brief Tutorials created by the WLT PI; essentially "instruction guides" and small "booklets" of various kinds taking no more than 1 to 1.5 hours to read and complete.

Lab Operations Overview

The WebLearningTools Research Lab Operations section presents general information about lab personnel, equipment, and funding.    If you find our work compelling and useful, please make a monetary donation or look at our list of Needed In-Kind Donations which has instructions about how you can ship working used computer and other equipment to the lab for our use.

News Overview

News will be news items about topics relevant to distance learning and intelligent tutoring... information which will be on this site and on other sites around the world.  Since news items will greatly increase in number, there will also be news summary reports of news items in whatever are the current " subject areas" of interest here.  News will also be pending and just-opened polling/voting opportunity announcements, and summary reports of polls that have closed are all intended to add value to the Visitor and User Web-Site REVIEW AND REFINEMENT PROCESS. (int link to that process overview page here.)

Projects Overview

Existing WebLearningTools  Research Projects are (or will be) in several major categories:

  1. development of useful training courses for educators about DL and ITS issues,
  2. development of "sample courses" and "course content development projects" which educators can download and use to guide their own work,
  3. development of other "model projects" for educators, and
  4. web software design and development projects (a) which improve distance learning in general and in specific cases, and (b) which help to integrate existing and emerging distance learning systems (such as course content authoring and content delivery systems) with learning-domain appropriate existing and emerging intelligent tutoring systems.

By herself (myself), the WLT PI would be fortunate to do useful innovative work in any one of these categories well.  Collaboratively, the WLT PI and WebLearningTools Researchregistered collaborators could do, or could facilitate the multi-person performance of, useful innovative work and the production of innovative work-products that advance DL and ITS in most or all of these categories.