The "Tutorials" offered here are primarly for the use of visiting and registered educators.  Tutorials at present are lecture slides (in commercial Microsoft PowerPoint and/or free open source Open Office Impress file formats) and more formal but brief Tutorials created by the WLT PI; essentially "instruction guides" and small "booklets" of various kinds taking no more than 1 to 1.5 hours to read and complete.


There are no tests associated with these tutorials, but THERE ARE POLL QUESTIONS which you can answer if you like.  Your responses to poll questions help the WLT PI, her staff (if any), and other content contributors further refine the Tutorials, and create any needed (much wished for) new tutorials, to better serve the visitors and registered users of this web-site.   Registered and vetted WebLearningTools Research web-site content contributors may also contribute short-courses and lecture slides here as well.   More lengthy and detailed courses are (to be) available at the companion web-site WLT-Moodle.  You will see links on the left hand side of this page to those courses.  Registered and vetted course content contributors may submit courses for the WLT-Moodle web-site as well.   Slides shown here (in Q4 2009) are from course materials presented by the WLT PI in Lima Peru in February 2002 at a week long symposium held at the Graduate School of Education (UNE, Chosica) Lima campus.  The WLT PI is refining and updating those lectures as time permits.

Slides currently are without corresponding lecture transcripts or audio or video recordings of the stand-up presentation.   The WLT PI may supply newly-made supplementary audio recording and other visuals to enhance their learning value and more flexible uses in new learning scenarios as time permits.    Slides shown here are primarily non-technical, although more technical slides, tutorials, and courses are intended for the future.  Slides consist of "orientation" and "introduction" presentations to key issues and concepts about distance learning and intelligent tutoring systems.    All training and instruction materials here are intended to educate educators and trainers who are considering using, or who are already using, such technologies.