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  1. The site got hacked by outsiders in March 2011 and mucked up further by me trying to find the hack. Despite all my clever attempts to repair the site, it hasn't worked right in 3-4 critical content edit functions since then. I have current backups of the database, but the code-base on the server is kluged, FUBAR, and the missing bits of server code are just too damned hard to find.
    So I gave up and started a rebuild (clean install) of the site 10/15 (11.10.15) using the latest / last version of Joomla! v1.5.x, v1.5.23. You can't upgrade to Joomla! major releases v1.6 or v1.7 unless your site is at v1.5.23. Site and system administration fun huh?
    With the site clean install of 11.10.15 the missing content edit functions were present and functional.  All the previous site content is back in place on the site as of 10/16 (11.10.16). Once the rebuilt site is 90+% functional as before with each function restored and tested, I can upgrade to v1.6 and take advantage v1.6's much better "user access control" configurations. Checking out all the site's functions will take days. V1.6 was available in Jan 2011 but it takes the independent Joomla! extension developers months to upgrade their respective modules to the next major release(s) like v1.6 and v1.7. Most of the developers of the extensions I've added to the WLTRes site have done so for v1.6 by now.
  2. I recently got for free a very useful commercial add-on extension to the ProjectFork (PF) project management extension for Joomla. The add-on gives PF on this site various kinds of project-and-tasks progress charts, including GANTT charting, better personal calendar displays, and better project-participant emailed notifications. Now the trick will be how to make those original and new project management (PM) services more public on the site, with suitable orientation and entry-level tutorials, so that project management novices, who are also computer web site novices and who want to do Instructional Design (ID) with the site, can adopt and use PF without fear.
  3. Some Continuing Goals for the WLTRes Site: get IDs to use the site and to use PF on the site to start outlining (making treatments) free distance learning instruction they want to create to serve the public need. Have tutorials to help them form small project teams, then develop and test-use their lessons and courses in-development before deploying them on, say, a Moodle2 site or on an emerging Joomla! or Drupal 7 powered education site. ...Multilingual course development, of course and possible now, but in more concrete and easy ways still to be determined and tested.
  4. Note Of Caution: These poorly developed but improving facilities for educators are not yet offered "in The Cloud" nor in Google Apps. I'm sure the big-players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, who are also the private commercial Cloud owner-operators, will try to co-opt them once the demand for them is established.