Site Article and Web-link Tagging Information

  • Article and web-link tag categories (and sub-categories) should (or shall) be displayed in the left or right sidebars of this page with any summary comments about them here.  Ask the users frequently to "Please comment on and 'rate' the appropriateness of the tags on the articles (they) most visit.  Also please offer (their) constructive comments for their improvement.  Thank you." 
    -- This is in fact the "bug-a-boo" alluded to by many Joomla detractors, especially by those who favor using Drupal instead.  And at this writing I still have not read the relevant "forums" on either the Joomla or the Drupal forums sites to find out more technical details of "the problem with categories" and the favored and disfavored ways and means of categorization of articles, hopefully reducing the need for further on-job-training and discovery of them by "trial and error" in developing this Joomla site!  JW100615
  • I (the PI) want to find a way to add (or a Joomla extension which lets me add) "tags" to web links.  Then I want to be able to let users search for both "tagged articles" AND weblinks on this site, receiving a returned a web page -- or a series of web pages -- with both the links to the articles and the off-site web-links included in that returned list.
    -- I may have to make that "extension" (or 2+ extensions) myself. jw100716