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I, JGW the site founder, administrator and primary content contributor, have been "distracted" since 2010 from my top priority interest to develop this site and its content for the sake of developing my progressive ideas, opinions and networking with like-minded progressives in the USA.  The results of my latter efforts are available at

But more problematic has been the fact that the available free Joomla! web site "migration" tools, a.k.a. Joomla! extensions, have been all too few and terribly flawed. Worse the developers of these flawed migration extensions remained sufficiently incompetent or deficient in their abilities to "master" the Joomla! migration process that their subsequent "improved versions" of their software remained -- and to this day remains -- flawed in too many ways to be that helpful to me and to 100s, perhaps 1000s, of Joomla! web site owners and administrators!  Therefore my good intentions to take a bit of time from "political site building" to upgrade this Joomla! version 1.5 site to either version 2.5 or as of this writing to version 3.4.

This October 2015 as my political site building and maintenance activities are about to "wind down," I have chosen to UPGRADE THE HARDER WAY in order to get the upgrade job done 100% right and the way I want it done.  I will take the version 2.5 flawed copy of this site and manually, article-by-article, web-link by web-link, article and web-link category by category duplicate and improve upon the layout of those articles and web-links and the outline-like hierarchy of the cateogies in which they are "filed" on the 2.5 site. When donw with that manual upgrade to 2.5, I will run the latest free migration tool to produce a 90+% correct, but still slightly flawed, J3.4 or J3.5 site. Then I will repeat the article-by-article and web-link by web-link copying of content from the "correct" J2.5 site to the J3.4 or J3.5 site. 

When that is done I will yell, screw and curse for a while...  But future migrations should be much easier, more efficient and more close to 100% correctly migrated by the free software!  Then I can recommend such software for use by educators who chose to use Joomla! for their school or department or class web site(s).