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As of Wednesday January 16, 2013 (13.01.16), the WLTRes web site has 12 13 new registered users... except 3 people registered for an account twice! So there are really 10 new registered users.  WELCOME new users! 

However, as of 9 p.m. PST January 14 this web site administrator (jgw) discovered that none of them have been able to log in to this WLTRes web site! This continues to be the case as of January 16. I appear to have been wrong.  Apparently only I via my 2nd account, 'jenniwoo', experienced the log in problem described briefly below.

The Community Builder section and services of this web site are now upgraded to the most current "professional" version, which is CB v1.9.0 Pro. You, the site visitor or logged in site user, can see the "entry points" into the CB system in the Main Menu on the left hand side of most web pages.  To Dos: