As of Wednesday January 16, 2013 (13.01.16), the WLTRes web site has 12 13 new registered users... except 3 people registered for an account twice! So there are really 10 new registered users.  WELCOME new users! 

However, as of 9 p.m. PST January 14 this web site administrator (jgw) discovered that none of them have been able to log in to this WLTRes web site! This continues to be the case as of January 16. I appear to have been wrong.  Apparently only I via my 2nd account, 'jenniwoo', experienced the log in problem described briefly below.

  • My #1 Priority: I, jgw, will be debugging and hopefully fixing that problem a.s.a.p. The problem is producing the "dreaded Joomla White Screen of Death or WSOD after a successful log in. The WSOD is almost certainly related to some new or upgraded extensions I installed in the last few days.  I "just" have to find which one(s) caused the WSOD!
    Registered users please check this site every few days to see if I have done "made the fix."
  • Correction as of 1/16/13 late afternoon, PST: The problem appears to be in either the standard version 1.5.26 Joomla! back end (i.e. the site administrator's web pages) in either the PHP code that creates the User Manager web page and/or in the database table(s) that serve data to the PHP code to create that web page. A similar "missing users" problem is evident on what should be an identical list of users (currently 23) an administrators sees via the Community Builder User Manager web page.
  • Please Browse and Use the Public Forum Categories until the WSOD-problem is fixed: In more detail, site visitors and new site users with accounts:
    1. Please continue to browse the web pages, identifying and learning some of the content on the site which most interests you. You might consider mentioning what is most interesting to you in one of the Forum categories.
    2. PLEASE use the Public Forum services available from this site, public because you do not need to log in to use them.  Add comments to existing Forum categories. If you think a category is missing, email me, the site-builder-administrator, your request and I will consider adding it to the Forum categories or sub-categories within a particular category.

The Community Builder section and services of this web site are now upgraded to the most current "professional" version, which is CB v1.9.0 Pro. You, the site visitor or logged in site user, can see the "entry points" into the CB system in the Main Menu on the left hand side of most web pages.  To Dos:

  • I, jgw, will be configuring WLTRes CB services in coming days and weeks so that
    • user profiles are much more "robust" and allow each user to express which of a variety of technical and educational skills they have (e.g. computer programming, computer systems analysis and design, instructional design, educational content development knowledge and skills, stand-up / in-classroom instruction, etc.), the extent (number of months or years) and recentness of their work experience in each, and their work preferences should they be able to volunteer to do any similar tasks for a project managed by this web site.
    • relationships between users will be facilitated and searchable (e.g. friends, co-workers, special interest, knowledge or special skills colleagues, etc.)
    • work-flows will be tracked and individualized reminders of tasks to complete given to each user when they next log in to this site.
    • All CB-related services will be "integrated with" the ProjectFork project management system also installed and working on this web site.
  • I, jgw, will continue to explore and test the Joomla! CMS upgrading process so that this web site, with the new, improved and much more useful CB services can upgrade to the latest version of Joomla!, version 2.5.8+ or version 3.x.