News Overview

News will be news items about topics relevant to distance learning and intelligent tutoring... information which will be on this site and on other sites around the world.  Since news items will greatly increase in number, there will also be news summary reports of news items in whatever are the current " subject areas" of interest here.  News will also be pending and just-opened polling/voting opportunity announcements, and summary reports of polls that have closed are all intended to add value to the Visitor and User Web-Site REVIEW AND REFINEMENT PROCESS. (int link to that process overview page here.)


This "News Section" will show headlines of web-site News and of web site polling or survey categories.

(design notes to self:) News stories are to be presented in an "aged" LIFO list format, the most recent news stories listed first.  "As of: dd/hh/mm" date-time tags are intended to suffix each news story title shortly after news story lists appear on-site.  There may be a daily- or hourly-updated "most popular news stories" list as well.

Polls are a separate kind of news, a sub-category of the broadest highest category of news, WLTRes News.  Polls refer to user, visitor, and registered-user voting.  A user may post his/her comments about the entire web site or about any sections or other parts of it.  In addition when the user is visiting a specific web page on this site, s/he may also vote on or provide a comment about that web page.

The polling questions that are currently active are listed on each web page, usually in the footer, in a header sub-menu, or in a side-bar menu.  An "Add new comment" link is also provided on each news article web page in one of the just-mentioned places on the page.

Periodically votes are counted and reported on this web site as a new News Story.  Thus the report will appear in one or more lists of recent news stories as soon as it is published.  The visiting public as well as all registered site users and authenticated (internal, staff) users may post additional comments about the reports.  In these ways the web-site content, look-and-feel, lab operations, and lab projects and services refinement processes become more and more robust.  That refinement is limited in efficiency and effectiveness only by the ability of the web-site operators to review, evaluate, and implement the better suggestions provided by the public, the web site visitors and commentators, as soon as is possible.