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WELCOME new users!

As of Friday February 08, 2013 (13.02.08), the WLTRes web site has 18 total registered users, almost all are new registrations in the last 3 months. These names may start to appear in "group lists" under the Community Builder menu in the left-hand-side (LHS) Main Menu.  For the site visitors, only a first name or a last name will appear in group lists.  The site visitor will need an account and have to log in to the WLTRes site to see a bit more information about registered users on this site.

As "public" or "site-wide" or "exclusive-to-group-members" user profile information becomes available to site visitors and to logged in site users, please take some time (1) to add or update your personal information and interests and your professional information (education, knowledge, experiences).  Also (2) please browse through the Community Builder member lists to which you have access to "get to know" your virtual neighbors.  Note what, if any, common interests you have that might lead you and other "like minds" to collaborate using this WLTRes web site.  For that is...

  1. The #1 purpose of this site: to facilitate collaborative groups in ways that help them develop "better" distance learning materials (and web sites) and help them improve the availability of free distance learning they create and provide others.  But, if necessary, WLTRes and the work-products from the WLTRes members should provide very low-cost access to high-quality education to as many needy people as possible, copy-right-free, people of all ages, ethnic background, geographic locations in-the-world, whatever their previous education backgrounds.  NOTHING produced on WLTRes or related "Web Learning" sites should be for-profit, period, full-stop.
    "Our target students" could be people already in a brick-and-mortar class or in another online class, people preparing to take a class or people who just want to revisit a subject and learn more about it... perhaps with a little (or a lot of) online help when they need it and without much to any cost or trouble to find it, get it and use it to their satisfaction.
  2. The #2 purpose is "providing useful information" to educators, to site owners, stakeholders, distance learning site-designers and site-builders, and to the necessary computer technicians.
  3. The #3 purpose is to "help working groups with a 'presence' on this WLTRes site with distance learning site and course content project planning, project information sharing, and with project executing.  All such projects should provide free "progressive" (a.k.a. liberal) high quality education to the group's target audiences.

See the Projects and Project Management Details menu item in the Main Menu for a few sample or suggested projects of interest, at least of interest to me, JGW, in 2011 and 2012. I'll be updating mine.  Some of you may create and be revising yours...  Others may volunteer to be "test-students" for courses or lessons prototyped or in-development on this or related "Web Learning" web sites. We'll see what the "site membership" wants to do and how they want to do it...

Other News:

Site visitors and logged in site users:

I, jgw, upgraded some but not all of the Community Builder section and services of this Joomla! version 1.5.26 web site  as of January 14 to just a few of the most current extensions from the "professional" version of CB, which is CB v1.9.0 Pro.  There were delays and confusions between myself and the "CB People" in the UK and Switzerland only resolved in the first week of February 2013.  I now have all the necessary extensions, modules and CB plugins with which to "properly" and "fully" update the CB services on this site.  You, the site visitor or logged in site user, will start to see the "entry points" into the "Pro" CB system by clicking-on the Community Builder menu-item in the site's Main Menu on the left hand side of most web pages.

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