Improving Site Content and Features Has Been Was A Low Priority
Since March 2010; But Is Medium Priority Since March 2019

The (WLTRes) web site, once my #1 priority to develop since about 2007, became my lowest priority of my three Joomla sites to continue developing since the Great Recession started in 2007-2008 and that recession, even with two 'successful years' of Obama as President 2008-2009, became much more probably irreversible by 2010.  Since March 2010 my first priority site to develop was the web site, then the web site.  Since May 2012 and because the USA political climate had turned "hard right"in the 2010 mid-term elections; the radical-right GOP now dominated both houses of Congress and would "round-file' pretty much every liberal bill Democrats and Obama would propose to Congress to pass and become law,  Because I switched my voter registration from Democrat to Green Party when it became a legal California party in 1991 and because these 'hard right' political turns in Congress and in more US state legislatures, in 2010 I became an IT volunteer for the Green Party of California IT Working Group.  I tried to help them for a few years to properly plan and develop 1+ of their official, test and development web sites being setup notably their LIVE site repurposed on a 'more modern' feature-rich and more easy to maintain Drupal 7 (D7) CMS site of the same name. "We" in the IT group at that time had limited success and by 2013 the GPCA turned to renting a voter information site while keeping the D7 site to provide party volunteers, staff and members information about our party, state issues and some of our candidates.  The emerging problem: "Too Many Chiefs" with too little professional IT experience were in the GPCA IT group. 

Therefore as of 2010 and to-date I continue to deeply apologize to all distance learning educators and web site technicians and web site programmers for taking this huge tangent from developing my WLTRes site "better" since March 2010.  I apologize to you all who have been highly interested in distance learning for not having "something better to show you by now."  For what other reasons has this been so?

Better CB Services and Renewed "Cross-Site" Log in's
to be Available in Early February 2013

    JGW's Priority ToDos:
  • This Joomla! powered web site, version J1.5.26, and my other Joomla! J1.5 web sites badly need to be upgraded to the latest or next to latest major version of Joomla! J3.0.x or J2.5.x.  The "jump" in major versions is big enough that I must practice performing the upgrade, not just of the core Joomla! code but also of the J2.5 or J3.0 versions of the extensions this J1.5 site uses now to provide the same of better services after I complete the official upgrade.
  • However, there will be better Community Builder (CB) services for site visitors and logged in users to this still version J1.5 site in early February 2013. The better or "pro" version of CB will allow me, JGW, to enable the new users to this site to specify what are their respective interests in distance learning and this WLTRes web site, and their knowledge, education, and skill-sets that are related to projects now defined on and that will be defined and managed on this site in the future.
  • When you log in in February 2013, please check your CB Profile (CB->View Profile menu-item).  See if there are any new check-boxes to check to record your interests, knowledge, and skills. I (JGW) will be adding more of them.  You will need to click the "CB->Edit My Profile" link to do so.
  • See also the online text+audio+video+screen-sharing conferencing room may be available in February or later in Q1 2013.  When it is enabled then after you have logged in to this site, check for it under the "Conferencing" menu item in the headers-menu-bar of most site web pages.