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Tutoring is Best Done One-to-One

Most educated people agree that human tutoring done one-to-one, albeit with the most wise and compassionate instructor and the most compliant student, is the best kind of education.  Historically only the very rich could afford to employ such tutors.

USA public education implemented as one instructor who teaches to a large group of students is a fair to poor compromise on "ideal tutoring" which nevertheless can yield a few exceptional outcomes.  However, it also yields many "average" students, many of whom are disgruntled with learning and discouraged about learning on their own outside the public school systems.  And of course there are the "failures" and the "drop-outs", largely ignored in institutional learning in the USA.  The details of how this has been done comprise the history of public and private education in the so-called "developed countries" and the would-be work-, teach-, and-live-alike developing countries as well.

Did you ever wish you had an expert tutor person always on-call who would give you all the insights you wanted about something that captured your imagination?  I know I did as both an exceptional child and adult in the USA.  Certainly, that is the goal of small classes and one-to-a-few tutoring seminars provided for students with special or exceptional needs today. But those smaller specialized classes are few and far between!  In the current "globaleconomic downturn" 2009+, the prospects of maintaining or increasing those "special smaller sized classes" for such students falls to near-zero.

A goal of those of us broadly and deeply acquainted with computer technology and software, who see how it is possible to "automate" some, if not yet all, of the tutorial functions and processes that take place in the best examples of person-to-person tutorial instruction, is to bring that technology to a great many more schools and institutions that could otherwise never afford to use them.