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Site Content Views

The general idea of having two or more "Site Content Views" is that each site visitor or user has different expectations for what content s/he wants to find and can find on a web site.  The site content providers can anticipate some of the larger, more general preferred points of view of a site of diverse site visitors' and users' and present to them different ways to navigate the content of this web site accordingly.

More particularly as the content on this web site increases, a "mere" key word or "tag" search for a content category name or for part of an article name or a web link category or name will prove increasingly difficult and problematic especially for the site visitor unfamiliar with much or any of the content. "Learning" what content is here by "trial-and-error" browsing through a fixed navigation scheme for the site can become a "site user repellent".

This section, therefore, will include not only a short list of general but different "Site Content Views" (to be determined) but also list a number of "pre-sorted" and "related" content categories and sub-categories within them.  These may prove more useful to site visitors and users so they may more quickly discover or find again the helpful information they are looking for.

The Forum categories available on this web site may prove to be the comment posting area of choice for site visitors and users to "voice" their opinions of what some of those general and more special interest "content views" might be.

There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may contain articles.

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