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    Technical Pros and Cons are synonymous with "pluses" and "minuses", or "benefits" and "burdens".  They are comments and opinions about the positive, or constructive, helpful aspects of some technology compared or contrasted with Cons, or contra-indicated, or negative, not so helpful aspects, perhaps seriously flawed and problem-creating aspects of the same technology.  For someone who wants to perform a "cost-benefit" analysis of a specific technology or to compare several similar technologies, first they would have to analyze and "rate" with at least arbitrary "ratings" or "importance-measures" (i.e. assign numeric values to) each of the "pros" and to each of the "cons" to see which group "out weighs" (has a larger number) the other for each technology.  Clearly the technology with "more negatives" than "positives" ought to be eliminated from further consideration.

    In the case of "Web 2.0" content management systems (CMSes), there are some significant "pros", but also some fairly daunting "cons" as well.