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Lab Operations

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  • Equipment
  • Lab Staff
  • Funding, Fund Raising, Donations

    WebLearningTools Research is not yet a California 501(c)3 non-profit education and research organization. Therefore in-kind or monetary donations will not yet be tax deductable.

  • General Information
  • Lab: Technical Advice-Wanted Lists

    The articles in this category list the kinds of computer technical questions for which this PI (and any WLTRes staff she has attracted who are working on this site now and in the future) need to receive a.s.a.p. in order to reduce "our" own "web research time" and "trial and error" (T&E) time with this web site to answer to "our" satisfaction".

    T&E time happens because a site developer needs to "try out" different add-on extensions or modules about which s/he is less familar.  T&E time is (a) unpredictable and (b) can take hours over days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the extension or module and it's "degree of interaction" with other extensions, modules, and data in the site's main database!  So this PI and any additional web site developers have to "test use" a new Joomla or Drupal add-on "extension" or "module" (which is a small bundle of web server code) to see if it "works as advertised" by the developers of it on their extension's or module's download web site.

    This PI believes this is a major design, development, and documentation FAULT of content management systems (a.k.a. first generation CMSes, somewhat misnamed web 2.0 sites) in general and of these two CMSes in particular (Joomla, Drupal), a problem which I, the PI, will address elsewhere on this web site "soon" for lay people, for programmers, and for site developers.

  • Routine Lab Proceedures

    The articles (and any weblinks) in this category refer to frequently repeated, routine proceedures, or a named series of tasks, which a lab member (or the PI) performs.