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Anyone can read the Opinions on this web site. Only registered web site users can submit opinions to this site.  All submitted opinions will be moderated and if necessary edited by me, the site owner, JGW.

Initially I expect Opinions to be "the most interesting" web site user comments to articles I and 1+ others may submit.  They also may be the site user generated extended remarks or a summary of replies to one or more of the Forum Categories on this site.

I hope that sooner or later the Opinions section increasingly will include those of the more thoughtful and experienced contributors and visitors to this web site.  I hope their contributions will include pedagogical and technical anecdotes, but also well-formed specific case studies.  They might also include virtual school, virtual classroom setup and management ideas, concepts, strategies, tactics, etc.

Some Other Suggested Opinion Section Topics are:

  1. Anything you, an educator or instructional web site builder, believe important to share about online teaching and the presentation of teaching materials online.
  2. Your personal experiences or your observed experiences of others interacting with course and content management systems (CMSes) and/or with learning-specific learning management systems (LMSes) such as Moodle, Blackboard, the soon to be deployed Drupal "OpenEDU" environment, etc., and...
  3. Your experiences with various desktop, laptop, and hand-held devices that present learning materials -- including eBooks to yourself or you students or trainees.
  4. Your experiences with and opinions about using "Cloud-based" CMS or LMS services.

Other general or more specific Opinions categories will be added as web site users request them.  However I, the PI and site developer must agree with a majority of the requester's justifications to add the category, if they are not obvious from the suggested category name or implied content.

Thank you for participating in this Information Sharing and Special Interest Social Networking experiment!

  • General ( 2 Articles )
  • Technical Pros and Cons ( 2 Articles )

    Technical Pros and Cons are synonymous with "pluses" and "minuses", or "benefits" and "burdens".  They are comments and opinions about the positive, or constructive, helpful aspects of some technology compared or contrasted with Cons, or contra-indicated, or negative, not so helpful aspects, perhaps seriously flawed and problem-creating aspects of the same technology.  For someone who wants to perform a "cost-benefit" analysis of a specific technology or to compare several similar technologies, first they would have to analyze and "rate" with at least arbitrary "ratings" or "importance-measures" (i.e. assign numeric values to) each of the "pros" and to each of the "cons" to see which group "out weighs" (has a larger number) the other for each technology.  Clearly the technology with "more negatives" than "positives" ought to be eliminated from further consideration.

    In the case of "Web 2.0" content management systems (CMSes), there are some significant "pros", but also some fairly daunting "cons" as well.

  • Trends in Tutoring ( 0 Articles )
  • Our Motivations to "Do" Distance Learning ( 1 Article )


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