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WebLearningTools Research - J15

Web Site News as of 18.03.01

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As of 18.03.01, this old theorectically obsolete Joomla site will become "more up to date," if still inminor ways.  This I do, where I am JGW, the site founder and developer and PI for WLTres, because it is since end of 2016 possible to upgrade properly from a J1.5 site to the latest version, then 3.6, probably, to now: J3.8.5 at this writing.  The links for the "upgrades-in-progress" versions of this site, one using Joomla 2.5, the other using Joomla 3.8.5, are listed on this site.  If you are curious, take a look at one or both.  Be prepared for "beta" site ugliness and/or incomplete content and/or incomplete navigation on both until either or both sites say they are ready to be "realease candidates" to, after some user testing, become the LIVE WebLearningTools Research site, you site visitor and I the beleagered site developer can then focus 99% of my tim on adding more up-to-date conent and weblinks to the latest LIVE site.

To keep site visitors to this site "more interested," I put a "Featured Weblinks" module in the right hand side column under "Latest Weblinks." For now "Feature Weblinks" has only the old "Interesting AI LearningProjects" category name listed.  But there are 15 weblinks "of interest" to me as of several years ago, if that helps anyone!

In short: I may now, finally, have more time to devote to improving some content on this "old" but working wrll enough site while I also finish the upgrades to the "migrated" J2.5 and J3.85 sites so to the latter site I can finally add all the several years of web links I accumulated off-line to the new LIVE site.  Yay.........  i hope.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2018 00:03

Site Technical News as of 14.10.13

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I, JGW the site founder, administrator and primary content contributor, have been "distracted" since 2010 from my top priority interest to develop this site and its content for the sake of developing my progressive ideas, opinions and networking with like-minded progressives in the USA.  The results of my latter efforts are available at www.CAGreenIDEAS.org.

But more problematic has been the fact that the available free Joomla! web site "migration" tools, a.k.a. Joomla! extensions, have been all too few and terribly flawed. Worse the developers of these flawed migration extensions remained sufficiently incompetent or deficient in their abilities to "master" the Joomla! migration process that their subsequent "improved versions" of their software remained -- and to this day remains -- flawed in too many ways to be that helpful to me and to 100s, perhaps 1000s, of Joomla! web site owners and administrators!  Therefore my good intentions to take a bit of time from "political site building" to upgrade this Joomla! version 1.5 site to either version 2.5 or as of this writing to version 3.4.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2018 00:04

Improving Site Content and Features Has Been A Low Priority Since March 2010

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The WebLearningTools.org (WLTRes) web site, once my #1 priority to develop since about 2007, became my lowest priority of my three Joomla sites to continue developing since the Great Recession started in 2007-2008 and became much more probably irreversible by 2010.  Since March 2010 my first priority site to develop has been the CAGreenIDEAS.org web site.  Since May 2012 I also have been an IT volunteer helping to plan and develop 1+ of the official and test and development web sites being setup and expanded by the Green Party of California IT Working Group.

I deeply apologize to all distance learning educators and web site technicians and web site programmers for taking this huge tangent from developing WLTRes "better" since March 2010.  I apologize to you all for not having "something better to show you by now."  Why?

Last Updated on Friday, 11 October 2013 03:28

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